Unique Initiatives by VKC

VKC offers well-rounded, comprehensive and best in the industry training environment for its employees,
combined with transparent HR policies. The environment is designed to achieve the sole objective of ensuring
that employees develop themselves as competent professionals with the judicious blend of competency and ethics.

With a premium client base and challenging assignments to work upon, supported by best practices crafted over a period of more than 30 years, every employee gets a unique opportunity to experience the big 4 like environment, without the need to dislocate to metros from their local place.

Highly evolved Standard Operating Procedures deployed in the day to day work environment, a rich and continuously updated knowledge resource pool, and extensive use of top of the line software’s, provide the employees with a distinct learning culture.

VKC recognizes and rewards excellence and encourages teamwork. This combined with corporate style of practice provides an unparalleled platform to the employee in their professional career, making them stand out from the crowd.

A few such initiatives taken by the firm are as under:

• An inbuilt, automated 360 degree continuous appraisal system for all staff members, to recognize and promote merit.

• Annual bonuses and recognition to award exceptional achievements at workplace.

• Maternity Leaves are granted liberally to the female staff.

• The firm maintains transparent and fair leave policies and every hour of extra working is automatically credited to the account of the employee in the attendance software, a practice which is unique to VKC. The annual accumulated leave balance is then carried-forward as medical leaves for utilization in subsequent years.

• The firm provides a multi-disciplinary learning environment, where employees are recognized for, encouraged and provided with opportunities to further expose themselves to diverse work areas or climb the ladder up in their specialized domain area.

• Mentors are readily available to help and provide guidance in work to employees. Queries faced in the tasks allotted can be discussed with the respective work area custodians, who are approachable and readily available to entertain all work related queries as and when required.

• Weekly workshops are held to update the knowledge of the employees on areas such as direct tax, indirect tax, corporate laws, audit and assurance etc. The mentors supervise the workshops and are available to cater to all queries in relation to the area or subject being discussed. Certificates are issued to the employees recognizing their contribution to such workshops. All employees, whether working in Audit, Direct Tax, Indirect tax can attend any program for all round growth and multi-disciplinary learning.

• Public speaking opportunities are provided through encouraging employees to speak on such workshops and make presentations through their research, mentored by their supervising seniors and managers.

• VKC appreciates talent, both in profession and personality, and annually recognizes them formally in its annual founder’s day.

• We understand the value of health and focus on staying fit and healthy in profession. The Multi Utility Hall on the second floor of the premises provides the employees with a fitness and activity center, a facility again unique to VKC. The Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) Committee arranges tournaments for TT, chess and carom at regular intervals. As a part of ECA event calendar, an annual trek is also arranged for all members.

• VKC firmly believes in work life balance and the concept of work with fun. Off sites are arranged annually by the ECA Committee (wherein all members are taken for residential picnics).

• Pick & drop facility is available to all employees, especially the female members during late sittings in in the months when filing deadlines are close. The HR Manager personally supervises the safety of all articles during these periods, till they reach home safely.

• VKC has a separate HR department which regularly assists the employees in smooth functioning. The department also functions as an independent grievance redressal unit to cater to any issues an employee may have, be it with regards to office functionality or personal issues. Preserving the quality of work along with personal growth is the base for work here at VKC, which is imparted to the employees via the unbeatable mentoring and career development programs.

• Each employee is provided with independent work stations or cubicle, as applicable and PC’s/laptop along with state of the art infrastructure and technologies. For out of office audits, laptops are separately provided for field work.

• VKC charters a self-contained and robust designation structure, wherein the past experiences, present status and future potential of an employee is taken into consideration while awarding a designation to the employee.

• Apart from providing best services to clients, we at VKC as an institution, focus on overall growth of its members. The employees are geared up to have one-on-one correspondences with clients, both domestic and international, along with a variety of challenging opportunities on diverse work areas.

• For professional growth, VKC maintains perhaps one of the largest library amongst professional firms, and allows its members to get books issued for personal study. Editions are added to the library periodically and are available to all members as per office policies.

• Elaborate guidelines and templates are available on the office intranet for working on assignments in Direct, Indirect Taxes, Audit, Assurance and other laws for the articles, for ease and support of understanding the concepts.

• With a monthly off provided on all 2nd Saturday, all other Saturdays of the month are internal working and discussion days in which progress of the week is monitored by the mentors. The mentors consistently follow up and aid the employees with the progress of work and targets for the next week.

• A one-hour lunch break is provided to the employees daily, which they are free to utilize as per choice. They may cater to personal errands or study in any one of the 3 conference rooms, MUH, or the cafeteria or engage in gaming activities in the Multi Utility Hall.

VKC, as a mid-sized firm, offers just the right blend of diverse exposure as well as experience of working in environment at par with the largest firms of the country.

VKC Alumni, matter of huge pride and source of strength for VKC, hold important positons in the Industry, both in India and abroad.

An exciting and fulfilling future awaits you at VKC !!!