Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing rules under Indian income-tax law require that income from international transactions between associated enterprises be computed with utter transparency. To ensure that a company is charging/ paying an arm’s length price, our tax advisors can help analyze your pricing methodology and determine if it is in compliance with the transfer pricing methods specified by the Income Tax authorities.

Transfer pricing is simply the act of pricing of goods and services or intangibles when the same is given for use or consumption to a related party (e.g. Subsidiary) There can be either Market-based, i.e. equivalent to what is being charged in the outside market for similar goods, or it can be non-market based.

Our transfer pricing experts can help you understand the complex regulations to determine if transactions have a significant risk of not meeting the arm’s length standard and assist in the preparation of a transfer pricing study. We provide the following transfer pricing services to our clients:

    • Transfer pricing audits, consulting and advisory services.
    • Training of employees handling national / international related party transactions.
    • Transfer pricing documentation assistance.
    • Transfer pricing studies and analysis.
    • Transfer pricing Litigation support.

Representation before transfer pricing valuation officer or transfer pricing tax assessing authorities, or appellate authorities in any part of India.