Direct Taxes

The Direct Tax team of our Tax and Regulatory Services Practice possesses significant expertise in domestic and international tax matters and is committed to assist businesses in developing a resilient compliance framework, thereby empowering them to effectively manage their tax position and, thus, mitigate their tax risks.

By seamlessly combining the reach and depth of the large firms with the personal attention, value for money focus and relationship approach of the smaller firms, we ensure that our client’s receive an incomparable level of partner and management involvement, quality service and responsiveness to manage their tax issues in a sound manner.

With shorter decision making chains, more senior personnel involvement and empowered client service teams, VKC is able to take a wider view and operate in a coordinated way that’s as fast and agile as its client’s business strategies.

Our methodology and approach is especially custom-built by our experts to suit our client’s business structure and target market. Our approach not only permits our client’s to ensure that their compliance obligations are being met on a timely basis, but also enables them to create value in a variety of complex overseas tax environments thereby unlocking their potential for growth.