Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Facilitation Services

In relation to FDI facilitation, our services include:

  • Foreign Direct Investments in India in shares / convertible debentures / preference shares of an Indian company either under Automatic Route or Approval Route, with due respect to sector- specific investment limits.
  • All statutory compliances such as reporting of FDI inflow, issuance of equity instrument within 180 days of receipt of FDI, Reporting of issue of shares, issue of rights / bones shares and their reporting etc.
  • Valuation of shares / Issue Price – All procedural and policy compliances according to SEBI guidelines, including pricing of preferential shares.
  • Transfer of shares and Convertible Debentures – Sale / gift of shares by NRI to NRI investor
  • Non-resident to resident by way of gift
  • By way of sale by Non-Resident on the stock Exchange and all the reporting compliances etc.