Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission permeates all of what we do, 24X7. How we deal our clients; qualities we look for in people we hire; our attitude and commitment to excel. Our vision constantly reminds us what the purpose of existence of VKC is, and it serves as the framework guiding individual and collective efforts on day to day basis.

Our mission aligns us to what our purpose is: what we do, who we do it for and why we do it.

“We believe that we will be successful if our clients are successful”.


“Our Vision – To be the most admired and respected firm in the industry, in the scale and size, where in we operate.”

We envision being the most ethical, admired and respected professional services firm in the industry, where clients come back to us again and again for the pure pleasure of working with our caring team, and are not driven merely by the sense of fulfillment derived from the successful outcomes we constantly strive to achieve for them.

We see a future where VKC is recognized for delivering a service standard so high that it becomes a benchmark by which our clients measure the performance of others.


To achieve the firms’ vision, we envisage providing our clients with the highest quality of services, delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner by a professional team that clearly enjoys working together to exceed their clients’ expectations. Enhancing our client’s business growth remains our key objective.

Our mission is very simple. It is to give our 100% to each job, without any dilution or discrimination, irrespective of the size of the client or complexity of the issues at hand. If one has to explain our mission of rendering services in one line, it is best captured as under:

Like always
Like never before…

We believe that this mission lived on a day to day basis will in the long term take us to where our vision is aimed at, i.e being the most admired CA firm and where VKC is valued for its dedication to client service, employee enrichment and the community it serves.