VKC offers well-rounded, comprehensive and best in the industry training environment for Articles, combined with liberal policies for stipend and examination leave. The environment is designed to achieve the sole objective of ensuring that articles not only qualify quickly as CA graduates but also do so with the judicious blend of competency and ethics

With a premium client base and challenging assignments to work upon, supported by best practices crafted over a period of more than 30 years, the articles get a unique opportunity to experience the big 4 like environment, without the need to dislocate to metros from their local place.

Highly evolved Standard Operating Procedures deployed in the day to day work environment, a rich and continuously updated knowledge resource pool and extensive use of top of the line software’s, provide articles with a distinct learning culture.

VKC recognizes and rewards excellence and encourages teamwork. This combined with corporate style of practice provides an unparalleled platform to the article to kick-start their professional career, making them stand out from the crowd from day one.